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Psychology Program Description

Psychology is one of four programs housed in the Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity Department. The other three are the Legal Studies, Social Work and First Nations Studies Programs.

The Psychology program at the UW-Superior prepares students for advanced study in psychology and related disciplines within the context of a public liberal arts education. Our graduates have been successful in master's and doctoral programs in psychology, social work, and counseling as well as in fields such as law, occupational therapy, and nursing. For UW-Superior, a liberal arts education means that your coursework will emphasize broad themes such as developing critical thinking skills, understanding diversity, attending to global issues and providing service to the local community.  The Psychology major and minor, as well as the Behavioral Neuroscience minor, can be completed online as well as on campus.

Behavioral Neuroscience Minor

Behavior Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the Behavioral Neuroscience and behavior.  Students enrolled in this minor will engage in the scientific process and ask meaningful questions about a cutting-edge field.