Academic Catalog

Legal Studies Programs

Legal Studies and Criminal Justice Program

Providing courses of study both in Legal Studies and Criminal Justice, the Legal Studies Program is one of four programs housed in the Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity Department. Legal Studies and Criminal Justice are two disciplines under the umbrella of the Legal Studies major. Students can elect to pursue either or both disciplines. The major in Legal Studies requires coursework totaling 35-36 credits, whereas the Criminal Justice concentration offers a comprehensive curriculum of 57-58 credits.

Certificate Programs

The Legal Studies program collaborates with the Center for Continuing Education in offering three certificate programs. Students who are seeking degrees may also complete certificate requirements as part of their elective credits toward a degree. Non-degree-seeking students may seek the certificates through Center for Continuing Education. Completion and awarding of these two certificates is coordinated through the Center for Continuing Education. Contact Lisa Mattsson in the Center for Continuing Education for more information.