Academic Catalog

Psychology Minor


21 total credits

Required Course
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3.00
Content Area Courses
Select at least one course from four of the five areas of the following:12.00
Individual, Social and Developmental Courses
Human Development Across the Lifespan
Social Psychology
The Psychology of Close Relationships
Biological Aspects of Behavior Courses
Sensation and Perception
Behavioral Neuroscience
Adjustment and Well-Being Courses
Health Psychology
Motivation and Emotion
Psychological Disorders
Theories of Psychotherapy
Psychological Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Learning, Cognition and Language Courses
Social Cognition
Learning and Behavior
Memory and Cognition
Diverse Perspectives Courses
Gender, Psychology and Society
Psychology of Men and Masculinity
Culture and Identity
Elective Credits
Select six credits of electives 16.00
Total Hours21.00

The remaining six credits for the Psychology minor may consist of any Psychology content course, including any of the courses from the above listed five content areas, and/or transfer credits coming in under the Psychology subject area (i.e., PSYC 189 Psychology Elective; PSYC 289 Psychology Elective; PSYC 389 Psychology Elective; PSYC 489 Psychology Elective).

Special Topics and Independent Study

These are not required elements of the Psychology minor, but may be used in some circumstances to help satisfy minor requirements in the following ways:

  • Elective credits - Any PSYC 390 Special Topics in Psychology or PSYC 490 Independent Study course that is not already being applied to a specific requirement can count for elective credits toward the minor.
  • Meeting content area requirements: To satisfy a content area requirement, a Special Topics course (390 section) or Independent Study course (490 section) must be associated with a relevant content area or direct course substitution at the time of its creation by the Psychology program faculty instructing the course.
PSYC 390Special Topics in Psychology3.00
PSYC 490Independent Study1.00-9.00
Total Hours4.00-12.00