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Chemistry Major - Pre-Medicine/Pre-Pharmacy (Biochemistry) Concentration (Comprehensive)


Biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes occurring in living organisms. Education and skill development in this area are an important part of preparation for further studies in the fields of Medicine and Pharmacy as well as preparation for careers or graduate school in Biochemistry and related scientific disciplines. The field of Biochemistry is very interdisciplinary by nature; among other things, a biochemist needs to possess a knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics as well as an appreciation for the interrelationships between these disciplines. Chemistry majors choosing this concentration are typically those who are interested in attending medical, veterinary or pharmacy schools or graduate school in biochemistry. Consult with your advisor and the relevant post-graduate programs regarding additional requirements. 

Total - 66 credits

Core courses for the Pre-Medicine/Pre-Pharmacy (Biochemistry) Concentration (65 credits required):
CHEM 105General Chemistry I5.00
CHEM 106General Chemistry II4.00
CHEM 107Supplementary Problems in General Chemistry II1.00
CHEM 305Quant Analysis Lecture3.00
CHEM 306Quantitative Analysis Laboratory2.00
CHEM 320Organic Chemistry Lecture I3.00
CHEM 321Organic Chem Lecture II3.00
CHEM 322Organic Chemistry Lab I1.00
CHEM 323Organic Chemistry Lab II1.00
CHEM 327Molecular Spectroscopy I1.00
CHEM 345Physical Chemistry Lect I4.00
CHEM 360Introduction to Biochemistry3.00
CHEM 462Advanced Biochemistry3.00
CHEM 481Special Topics (Laboratory Techniques in Biochemistry)1.00
CHEM 497Senior Seminar In Chemistry1.00
MATH 240Calculus and Analytic Geometry I4.00
MATH 241Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4.00
PHYS 201Calculus-Based Physics I 15.00
PHYS 202Calculus-Based Physics II 15.00
BIOL 330Genetics4.00
BIOL 355Microbiology4.00
BIOL 440Cell Biology4.00
Capstone Course
Select one of the following:1.00
Senior Research
Senior Paper
Total Hours67.00

PHYS 107 Algebra-Based Physics I & PHYS 205 Calculus Applications in Introductory Physics I together substitute for PHYS 201 Calculus-Based Physics IPHYS 108 Algebra-Based Physics II and PHYS 206 Calculus Applications in Introductory Physics II together substitute for PHYS 202 Calculus-Based Physics II.  Special department permission required to enroll in PHYS 205 Calculus Applications in Introductory Physics I or PHYS 206 Calculus Applications in Introductory Physics II.

Students who also choose BIOL 340 Ecology will complete a minor in biology. With additional biology coursework, students may earn a second major in Biology.

Students choosing the Pre-Medicine/Pre-Pharmacy (Biochemistry) Concentration will have completed the topics recommended for a biochemistry major by the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.