Academic Catalog

Chemistry Major (Non-Comprehensive)


30 Chemistry credits plus 8 Physics credits

This Chemistry Major is designed for students who would like to earn a major in Chemistry to accompany a minor or major in another discipline. By taking additional coursework students have the option to earn the comprehensive Chemistry major or complete necessary pre-requisites required of most Chemistry graduate programs. Consult with your advisor and the relevant post-graduate programs regarding additional requirements.

Required Chemistry Courses
CHEM 105General Chemistry I5.00
CHEM 106General Chemistry II4.00
CHEM 305Quant Analysis Lecture3.00
CHEM 306Quantitative Analysis Laboratory2.00
CHEM 320Organic Chemistry Lecture I3.00
CHEM 321Organic Chem Lecture II3.00
CHEM 322Organic Chemistry Lab I1.00
CHEM 323Organic Chemistry Lab II1.00
CHEM 327Molecular Spectroscopy I1.00
CHEM 107Supplementary Problems in General Chemistry II1.00
Physical Chemistry
CHEM 341Introductory Physical Chemistry3.00-4.00
or CHEM 345 Physical Chemistry Lect I
Chemistry Elective
Select additional Chemistry classes CHEM 300 level or above3.00
Select one of the following:1.00
Senior Research
Senior Seminar In Chemistry
Required Cognates
One MATH course (3.00-5.00 credits)
Calculus for Business, Life, and Social Sciences
Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
Two PHYS courses (8.00-9.00 credits)
Algebra-Based Physics I
Calculus-Based Physics I
Algebra-Based Physics II
Calculus-Based Physics II
Total Hours31.00-32.00