Academic Catalog

Chemistry Major (Comprehensive)


53 total credits

All grades in required courses for this major must be C or higher, except that two grades of C- may be counted toward the major. No minor is required.

Chemistry Core Courses
CHEM 105General Chemistry I5.00
CHEM 106General Chemistry II4.00
CHEM 305Quant Analysis Lecture3.00
CHEM 306Quantitative Analysis Laboratory2.00
CHEM 320Organic Chemistry Lecture I3.00
CHEM 321Organic Chem Lecture II3.00
CHEM 322Organic Chemistry Lab I1.00
CHEM 323Organic Chemistry Lab II1.00
CHEM 327Molecular Spectroscopy I1.00
CHEM 345Physical Chemistry Lect I4.00
CHEM 360Introduction to Biochemistry3.00
CHEM 365Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry3.00
CHEM 497Senior Seminar In Chemistry1.00
MATH 240Calculus and Analytic Geometry I4.00
MATH 241Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4.00
PHYS 201Calculus-Based Physics I 15.00
PHYS 202Calculus-Based Physics II 15.00
Capstone Course
Select one of the following:1.00
Senior Research
Senior Paper
Supplementary Problems in General Chemistry II
Calculus and Analytic Geometry III
Total Hours53.00

PHYS 107 Algebra-Based Physics I & PHYS 205 Calculus Applications in Introductory Physics I together substitute for PHYS 201 Calculus-Based Physics IPHYS 108 Algebra-Based Physics II and PHYS 206 Calculus Applications in Introductory Physics II together substitute for PHYS 202 Calculus-Based Physics II.  Special department permission required to enroll in PHYS 205 Calculus Applications in Introductory Physics I or PHYS 206 Calculus Applications in Introductory Physics II.

Professional Chemistry Option

This option is recommended for students considering graduate school in chemistry or employment as a professional chemist. The additional coursework provides the student with a stronger theoretical and practical foundation. In addition to the required courses listed above students must also complete:

CHEM 346Physical Chemistry Lecture II3.00
CHEM 348Physical Chemistry Lab II2.00
CHEM 375Instrumental Analysis Lecture3.00
CHEM 376Instrumental Analysis Lab2.00
Total Hours10.00