Academic Catalog

Substance Abuse Counseling

25 total credits

The Substance Abuse Counseling program is approved by the State of Wisconsin and fulfills all requirements (360 hours of comprehensive specialized education) necessary to sit for the licensing exam.  As with all clinical health licensures only the State of Wisconsin can license an individual after they graduate and meet all post-graduation requirements.

Required Courses
HHP 102Health and Wellness3.00
HLTH 158Responding To Emergencies and Safety Education2.00
HLTH 267Introduction to Mental Health and Stress Management3.00
HLTH 368Drugs, Health and Human Behavior3.00
HLTH 400Substance Abuse Counseling3.00
HLTH 470Community and Environmental Health3.00
HLTH 495Healthy Families3.00
Select five credits in HLTH (check with your HHP advisor for appropriate courses)5.00
Total Hours25.00