Academic Catalog

Physical Education Major - Public Health Concentration (Comprehensive)


52 total credits

The Public Health concentration provides a solid foundational curriculum combined with practical experience through internship. Students majoring in public health may seek jobs in health fields including public health educators/coordinators, human resource services, employee wellness, community wellness/fitness/education, county health departments, federal government agencies, as well as many other health and wellness related areas.  The Public Health curriculum has been aligned with the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) national standards.

Required Courses
HHP 110Introduction to HHP Majors/Minors1.00
HLTH 158Responding To Emergencies and Safety Education2.00
HLTH 160Introduction to Health Science and Terminology2.00
HLTH 264Human Structure & Function3.00
HLTH 265Human Structure & Function3.00
HLTH 267Introduction to Mental Health and Stress Management3.00
HHP 282Introduction to Physical Assessment and Exercise Evaluation1.00
HLTH 366Principles Of Nutrition3.00
HLTH 367Human Sexuality3.00
HLTH 368Drugs, Health and Human Behavior3.00
HLTH 469Pathophysiology of Disease\Prevention and Control3.00
HLTH 470Community and Environmental Health3.00
HLTH 472Epidemiology3.00
HHP 496Internship10.00
HHP 497Senior Capstone Experience0.00
Focus Areas
Select nine elective credits of one of the following focus areas depending on the professional career goals: 9.00
Public Health Focus
Law and Human Behavior
Practicum in HHP 102 Lab
Organization and Administration of Human Performance, Health & Athletics
Health Coach
Substance Abuse Counseling
Maternal Child Health Focus
Maternal Child Health
Infant Health and Development
Healthy Families
Total Hours52.00

Public Health Focus

Designed to support careers associated with public health programming, public health education, work site wellness programs, community education through hospitals, non-profit organizations, governmental health programs that strive to support health across all ages, and other public health orientated professions.

Maternal Child Health Focus

Designed to support careers associated with the facilitation and supervision of infant and youth health programs, maternal education programs offered through hospitals, infant and youth non-profit programs, government agencies that support infant and maternal welfare, and other programs that require a strong understanding of infant and youth physical and mental health issues.