Academic Catalog

Physical Education Major - Exercise Science Concentration


The Exercise Science concentration is an entry-level professional preparation program that prepares students to enter into the exercise professions including health/wellness and clinical areas. It also prepares those students wishing to pursue graduate education in the exercise professions as well as related careers such as athletic training, physical therapy and the medical professions. Course work includes basic and applied sciences, nutrition, exercise physiology, electrocardiography, exercise assessment/testing and prescription, research and hands on experiences. This major requires a minor that supports the student's individual needs.

36 total credits

HHP 110Introduction to HHP Majors/Minors1.00
HHP 100-HHP 200Activity Courses 12.00
HLTH 158Responding To Emergencies and Safety Education2.00
HLTH 160Introduction to Health Science and Terminology2.00
HHP 203Group Fitness1.00
HLTH 264Human Structure & Function3.00
HLTH 265Human Structure & Function3.00
HHP 282Introduction to Physical Assessment and Exercise Evaluation1.00
HHP 312Aquatic Safety/Lifeguard Training1.00
HHP 332Motor Learning3.00
HHP 337Practicum in HHP 102 Lab2.00
HHP 340Organization and Administration of Human Performance, Health & Athletics3.00
HHP 362Kinesiology3.00
HHP 363Exercise Physiology3.00
HLTH 366Principles Of Nutrition3.00
HHP 403Health Coach3.00
HHP 497Senior Capstone Experience0.00
Total Hours36.00

HHP 133 Social and Square Dance is not allowed