Academic Catalog

Health Education Minor - K-12 Teacher Certification


*Notice: Due to pending licensure program approvals by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), program requirements are subject to change for students entering in the 2022-2024 catalog.  Students affected by any approved changes which occur in the 2022-2024 catalog will be formally notified by the UW-Superior Educator Program.

UW-Superior education programs are approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to fulfill licensure requirements for the state of Wisconsin.  If you seek licensure in a state other than Wisconsin, please see the UW-Superior Institutional Certification web page for further information and assistance.

31 total credits

Required Courses
HLTH 158Responding To Emergencies and Safety Education2.00
HLTH 160Introduction to Health Science and Terminology2.00
HLTH 264Human Structure & Function3.00
HLTH 265Human Structure & Function3.00
HLTH 267Introduction to Mental Health and Stress Management3.00
HHP 338Methods and Curriculum in Teaching Health Education3.00
HLTH 366Principles Of Nutrition3.00
HLTH 367Human Sexuality3.00
HLTH 368Drugs, Health and Human Behavior3.00
HLTH 469Pathophysiology of Disease\Prevention and Control3.00
HLTH 470Community and Environmental Health3.00
Total Hours31.00

Professional Requirements for Secondary or K-12 Teacher Certification

Teacher certification requirements, including student teaching/internship, are also in place for this minor.  Please consult with your advisor regarding the additional teacher certification requirements you must complete.