Academic Catalog

Communicating Arts Major - Theatre and Digital Filmmaking Concentration


Bachelor of Arts (no foreign language required).

Theatre and Digital Filmmaking Program Description:

The Theatre and Digital Filmmaking Concentration provides students with theory, techniques, and hands-on experience in theatre and digital film production.  Coursework offers students multiple opportunities to perform, create, and collaborate in theatre productions and on digital video projects.

36 total credits - 18 credits upper-division (300+) minimum required.

Core Theatre and Digital Filmmaking Courses
COMM 104Film and Culture3.00
COMM 122Theatre Appreciation3.00
COMM 125Acting for the Stage3.00
COMM 170Media and Society3.00
COMM 180Introduction to Technical Theatre3.00
COMM 261Beginning Digital Filmmaking3.00
COMM 491Senior Capstone 10.00
Theatre and Digital Filmmaking Electives
Select 18 credits of the following:18.00
Perspectives on Stage and Screen History
Acting for the Screen
Writing for Stage and Screen
Creative Collaboration in Theatre
Intermediate Digital Filmmaking
The Director and the Text
Production Management
The Design Process
Digital Audio Recording and Production
Theorizing Media Culture
Special Topics Seminar
Independent Study
Total Hours36.00

Senior Capstone Statement: Courses available to be paired with COMM 491 Senior Capstone for identification as capstone with consent of advisor (minimum 3 credits) include: COMM 350 Creative Collaboration in Theatre, COMM 455 Theorizing Media Culture, COMM 462 Advanced Digital Filmmaking, COMM 495 Special Topics Seminar, COMM 498 Independent Study.