Academic Catalog

Communicating Arts Major - Communication Concentration


Bachelor of Arts (6 credits of foreign language required) or Bachelor of Science.

Communication Program Description:

The Communication Concentration allows students to explore how social interaction shapes our everyday personal and professional lives, including how we form and negotiate relationships in groups, communities, and cultures. Coursework offers contemporary communication focusing on critical, cultural, and global perspectives. Students prepare themselves to participate creatively and analytically in our ever-changing world.

33 total credits - 15 credits upper-division (300+) minimum required.

Core Communication Courses (15 credits required):
COMM 167Introduction to Intercultural Communication3.00
COMM 170Media and Society3.00
COMM 211Interpersonal Communication3.00
COMM 254Communication Inquiry3.00
COMM 497Senior Seminar 13.00
Communication Practice Electives
Select one of the following:3.00
Acting for the Stage
News Writing and Reporting
Beginning Digital Filmmaking
Digital Storytelling and Social Media
Communication Electives
Select 15 credits of the following:15.00
Communication in Conflict
Community Engagement in Ghana-Study Abroad
Organizational Communication
Group Communication Processes
Theorizing Media Culture
Advanced Intercultural Communication
Special Topics Seminar
Independent Study
Total Hours33.00

Senior Capstone Statement: Completion of COMM 497 Senior Seminar fulfills the senior capstone requirement.