Academic Catalog

Communicating Arts Major - Multimedia Journalism Concentration


Bachelor of Arts (6 credits of foreign language required) or Bachelor of Science

Multimedia Journalism Program Description

The Multimedia Journalism Concentration emphasizes foundational journalistic skills such as writing, researching, and interviewing for the dissemination of information across a spectrum of media platforms that require conceptualizing, producing, and packaging stories.  Coursework offers students extensive opportunities to gain valuable experience in the traditional media forms of print, radio, and video, as well as in social media, web content production, and other emerging forms of new media.

36 total credits - 18 credits upper-division (300+) minimum required.

Core Multimedia Journalism Courses (21 credits required)
COMM 170Media and Society3.00
COMM 203News Writing and Reporting3.00
COMM 261Beginning Digital Filmmaking3.00
COMM 304Digital Storytelling and Social Media3.00
COMM 330Multimedia Journalism3.00
COMM 403Experiential Learning in Multimedia Journalism1.00-3.00
WRIT 409Digital Writing3.00
COMM 491Senior Capstone 10.00
Multimedia Journalism Complimentary Focus
Select six credits from one of the following Focus Groups: 26.00
Business Communication Complementary Focus
Advertising & Promotion
Public Relations
Digital Marketing
Internet Communication Complementary Focus
Web Page Authoring
Ethics in Information Technology
Digital Multimedia
Media Production Complementary Focus
Intermediate Digital Filmmaking
Digital Audio Recording and Production
Advanced Digital Filmmaking
Photography Complementary Focus
Photography 1
Photography 2
Photography 3
Multimedia Journalism Discovery Electives 3
Select nine credits of the following:9.00
Discovery electives include all courses listed above not taken as part of a student's complementary focus 3
Nonfiction Literature and Literacy
U.S. National, State and Local Government
Advanced Creative Writing: Nonfiction
Group Communication Processes
Theorizing Media Culture
Special Topics Seminar
Independent Study
Total Hours34.00-36.00

Senior Capstone Statement: Courses available to be paired with COMM 491 Senior Capstone for identification as capstone with consent of advisor (minimum 3 credits) include:  COMM 403 Experiential Learning in Multimedia Journalism, COMM 455 Theorizing Media Culture, COMM 462 Advanced Digital Filmmaking, COMM 475 Internship, COMM 495 Special Topics Seminar, COMM 498 Independent Study.


Coursework in the complementary focus cannot overlap with coursework in a student's minor.


Discovery electives cannot overlap with coursework in a student's minor.