Academic Catalog

Criminal Justice Minor


The curriculum consists of coursework totaling 24 credits: 15 required credits and 9 elective credits.

Justice Core Courses
CJUS 106Survey of Criminal Justice3.00
CJUS 207Police and Society3.00
CJUS 316Crime, Corrections and Punishment3.00
CJUS 448Criminology3.00
CJUS 463Delinquency and Juvenile Justice3.00
Elective Credits
Select nine credits of the following: 19.00
Field Exp./Cert Prog CJUS
Criminal Procedure
Criminal Law
Criminal Investigations
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Study Abroad
Gender, Crime, and Justice
Community Corrections
Special Topics
Judicial Process
Crisis Intervention
Introduction to Addiction and Recovery
U.S. Constitutional Law, Part II-Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Fraud Examination and Investigation
Student Initiated Seminar
Individualized Research
Total Hours24.00

With advisor's approval, other courses not listed below can be substituted and count as part of the 9 credits.