Academic Catalog

Broad Field Language Arts Secondary Education (4-12) Major

63 credits (including the University Studies literature requirement)

Students completing the Broad Field Language Arts major and university requirements for teacher certification will be eligible for a Wisconsin teaching license in Broad Field Language Arts (grades 4-12).  Please see the Teacher Education section of this catalog for additional licensure requirements.  While this major does not require an additional minor, students can choose to complete the additional teacher certification requirements as the Instruction Minor.

As this major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree, the World Language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts Degree must also be fulfilled. See the Degree Requirements section of this catalog for information.

Category 1: Foundations of Literature
Select two of the following (minimum one British and one American):6.00
British Literature I
British Literature II
American Literature I
American Literature II
ENGL 311Shakespeare I3.00
or ENGL 312 Shakespeare II
ENGL 479Literary Criticism3.00
Category 2: Diversity, Global Awareness and Global Literature
Select one of the following:3.00
Multi-Ethnic American Literature
Literature by Women
World Literature I
World Literature II
Category 3: Literature Genres and Focused Studies in Literature
ENGL 218Nonfiction Literature and Literacy3.00
Select 21 credits of the following:21.00
A minimum of one of the following courses:
Multi-Ethnic American Novels
Short Story I (Pre 1945)
Short Story II (Post 1945)
The Rise of the Novel
Popular 20th Century Writers
Key American Modernist Writers
Modern American Poetry
Contemporary American Poetry
A minimum of one of the following courses:
Major Author
British Literary Periods
American Literary Periods
19th Century British Women Novelists
Age of Pope, Swift, Gay
The British Romantic Period
Hemingway's Artistry
The Victorian Age
Postcolonial Literature
Special Topics in Literature
Key American Modernist Writers
Avant-Garde Literature
Category 4: English and Young Adult Literature in the Schools
ENGED 339Teaching High School English3.00
ENGED 418Language and Literature in the Middle Grades3.00
Category 5: Language Arts
ENGL 405History of the English Language3.00
or WRIT 307 English Grammar
PHIL 160Philosophy and Film3.00
or COMM 104 Film and Culture
COMM 203News Writing and Reporting3.00
ANTH 340Language, Power, and Identity3.00
or COMM 211 Interpersonal Communication
WRIT 250Introduction to Creative Writing3.00
WRIT 303Introduction to Rhetoric3.00
or WRIT 401 Advanced Rhetoric: Theory and Practice
Total Hours63.00