Academic Catalog

Public Leadership and Changemaking Major


36 total credits

PLI 102Intro to Changemaking3.00
FNS 130Contemporary Issues in American Indian Society3.00
PLI 366Methods of Practice: Macro Skills3.00
or SO W 366 Methods of Practice: Agency and Community Macro Skills
POLS 302Social Science Research Methods3.00
PLI 350Civic Intervention I: Investigation and Analysis3.00
PLI 450Civic Intervention II: Designing Solutions3.00
PLI 485Internship3.00
or POLS 485 Internship
Elective Area Courses
Select one course from each of the following elective areas:15.00
I. Systems and Institutions, Power and Marginalization
Gender, Crime, and Justice
Media and Society
Economics in Society
Postcolonial Literature
Tribal Sovereignty
Introduction to Gender Studies
Community and Environmental Health
Race, Ethnicity, and Justice
Public Education Politics and Policy
U.S. National, State and Local Government
Power and Resistance
Environment and Society
II. Change Making Methods
Feminist Theory and Action
Feminist Theory and Action
The History of Social Movements
The History of Social Movements
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Paths to Peace
International Law
Environmental Politics & Policy-Making
Women and Politics
Women and Politics
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
Methods of Practice: Social Welfare Policy Advocacy
III. Current Complex Issues and their Historical Roots
Delinquency and Juvenile Justice
Multi-Ethnic American Novels
American Indian History I
American Indian History II
African-American Voices
Contemporary Issues in Law and Society
Contemporary Issues in American Politics
Economics in Society and Sustainability
International Development and Sustainability
Introduction to Addiction and Recovery
Working with American Indian Families
Working with American Indian Families
IV. Ethics, Civic and Social Responsibility
Contemporary Moral Problems
Theories of Justice
Language, Narrative and Unconscious Bias
Environmental Ethics
V. Communication Tools
News Writing and Reporting
Communication in Conflict
Advanced Intercultural Communication
Digital Writing
Total Hours36.00