Academic Catalog

Gender Studies

Program Description

A 21-credit minor is available in Gender Studies. It is coordinated and led by the Gender Studies Coordinator and by the Gender Studies Committee, a free-standing advisory committee made up of interested faculty and staff.

The Women's Studies undergraduate minor was approved in 1976. In 2013, the Women's Studies Committee refocused the minor and the program, which was renamed Gender Studies. The minor is interdisciplinary with courses offered by a number of academic departments and programs. Members of the Gender Studies Committee serve as faculty advisors for this minor. Students choosing this minor must take 21 semester credits from courses in the approved list in consultation with a Gender Studies faculty advisor.

The mission of the Gender Studies Program is to explore issues of gender and its relationship to structures of power and inequality, with an emphasis on the intersection of gender with multiple identities; to promote critical engagement in a diverse world; and to contribute to possibilities for transformation and change in the university and broader community.