Academic Catalog

Political Science Minor

24 total credits

Core Required Courses
POLS 100Introduction to Political Science: Borders and Immigration3.00
POLS 302Social Science Research Methods3.00
Introductory Courses
Select two of the following:6.00
Contemporary Moral Problems
Introduction to Comparative Politics
The Making of the Modern Global System
Public Education Politics and Policy
U.S. National, State and Local Government
Contemporary Issues in American Politics
Global Social Problems
Social Problems
Advanced Political Science Electives
Select at least one course from each category:12.00
American Politics
U.S. State and Local Government
Women and Politics
American Conservative Thought
Biotechnology Policy and Ethics
Congress and the Presidency
Peace Studies
War and Peace in Bosnia
War and Peace in Northern Ireland
Theories of War and Peace
Paths to Peace
International Law
Power and Resistance
Political Theory
Theories of Human Rights
Theories of Justice
American Conservative Thought
Feminist Theory and Action
Internship and Study Away
Pending approval by your advisor, these courses may be used as substitutes for some of the required courses above.
Study Abroad
Total Hours24.00