Academic Catalog

Anthropology Minor


21 total credits

  • Nine of the 21 credits must be at the 300 level or above.
  • Fifteen of the 21 credits must be ANTH courses.
Required Introductory Course
ANTH 101The Human Experience3.00
Required Research Course
ANTH 315Doing Cultural Anthropology3.00
Electives Courses 1
ANTH Electives
Select nine credits of the following:9.00
The History of Human Origins
American Indian Art and Culture
Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Doing Cultural Anthropology
The History of Indigenous Peoples
Language, Power, and Identity
Cultures of Mesoamerica
Selected Topics in Anthropology
Independent Study
Non-Anthropology Electives
Select six credits of the following:6.00
Study Abroad
Nationalism and Nationalist Movements
Samurai: A History of Japan
Modern India: From Gandhi to Slumdog Millionaire
Music and World Culture
The Making of the Modern Global System
Social Science Research Methods
Introduction to Sociology
Global Social Problems
Sociology of Gender
Race and Ethnicity
Sociology of Deviance
Sociology in Pop Culture
Social Problems
Latin American Culture and Civilization
Total Hours21.00

At least nine credits should be Anthropology courses not fulfilling any other requirement.