Academic Catalog

Music: Bachelor of Music Education

The Bachelor of Music Education degree allows students interested in a career as music educators the opportunity to hone their musical skills while learning and practicing innovative and research-based teaching strategies under the direction of experienced faculty. The Bachelor of Music Education degree is comprehensive, meaning a minor is not required.  This degree prepares students to teach K-12 music.

134 total credits required (including University Studies)

Music Required Courses
MUSI 200Music Technology1.00
MUSI 161Music and World Culture3.00
MUSI 171Ear Training I1.00
MUSI 172Ear Training II1.00
MUSI 173Theory I3.00
MUSI 174Theory II3.00
MUSI 271Ear Training III1.00
MUSI 272Ear Training IV1.00
MUSI 273Theory III3.00
MUSI 274Theory IV3.00
MUSI 362Music History I3.00
MUSI 363Music History II3.00
MUSI 380Conducting I2.00
MUSI 390Conducting II1.00
MUSED 165Introduction to Music Education1.00
MUSED 370General Music Methods3.00
MUSED 371Choral Methods and Literature3.00
MUSED 372Instrumental Methods and Literature3.00
MUSI 374Orchestration2.00
MUSI 141Woodwind Techniques1.00
MUSI 143Percussion Techniques1.00
MUSI 241Brass Techniques1.00
MUSI 243String Techniques1.00
MUSI 395Half Recital1.00
Applied Music: Major Instrument (must enroll every semester in the program and must include 4 credits at the 300 level)12.00
Large Ensemble
Select one of the following:4.00
Chorale (must enroll every semester in the program)
Symphonic Band (must enroll every semester in the program)
University Orchestra (must enroll every semester in the program)
MUSI 150Concert/Recital Class (must pass eight semesters and must enroll every semester in the program)0.00
Piano proficiency exam (must pass at least 1 semester prior to student teaching)
University Studies Courses in the BME
Humanities - World Language, Culture, and Philosophy 13.00
Fine and Applied Arts - Aesthetic Experience 23.00
Teacher Education Required Course
T ED 100Orientation to Teacher Education1.00
T ED 200Introduction to Education3.00
T ED 270Multicultural Education3.00
T ED 300Theories of Student Learning3.00
ENGED 465Content Area Literacy3.00
T ED 394Principles and Practices of Inclusive Teaching3.00
T ED 470Student Teaching Residency12.00
Select either Choral or Instrumental Emphasis8.00
Vocal Pedagogy
English and Italian Diction
French and German Diction
UWS Singers (minor ensemble)
Applied Minor (two semesters of one credit each)
Vocal Techniques
Marching Band Techniques
Jazz Band Techniques
Applied Music-Voice
Applied Minor (two semesters at 1 credit each must be taken on an instrument outside of the student's major instrument family)
Minor Ensemble 3
Select two credits of the following:
Percussion Ensemble
Jazz Combo
Jazz Band
Chamber Winds
Global Percussion Ensemble
Total Hours104.00

Fulfilled through MUSI 161 Music and World Culture


Fulfilled through music ensemble requirement


Must enroll two semesters and use primary instrument. For string players:  only one credit can be fulfilled by taking MUSI 109 Jazz Combo/MUSI 309 Jazz Combo, MUSI 111 Jazz Band/MUSI 311 Jazz Ensemble