Academic Catalog

Information Technology and Systems (ITS) Minor - Suspended

No admission to this program as of 09/01/2022.  Program has been suspended.  Current students in good standing have until May 24, 2024 to complete the program.

The ITS minor complements a student's major of study by providing the knowledge, skills, and abilities to use ITS in their field of interest.  It is tailored for the student with an interest in ITS who wishes to enhance their career opportunities.  The program emphasizes choice and allows students to select from a range of topics applicable to their discipline or that pique their curiosity.

22 total credits

Fundamental Required Course
ITS 108Computer Applications3.00
ITS 342Information Systems3.00
Programming Required Course
ITS 211Visual Programming Fundamentals3.00
or CSCI 201 Introduction to Programming
Information Technology Elective Courses
Select 12 credits of the following:12.00
Web Page Authoring
Database Management
Networking and Communications
Ethics in Information Technology
Digital Multimedia
Information Security
Global E-Commerce Systems
Special Projects
Information Technology and Systems Internship
Internet Programming
Senior Experience Required Course
ITS 498Individual Capstone Project1.00
Total Hours22.00