Academic Catalog


Mathematics Program

The curriculum provides fundamental courses as well as a variety of electives for those with special interests. Students may choose a major that prepares them for a career and/or graduate study in Mathematics or Mathematics Education. Students also can pursue a career in Actuarial Science or Cybersecurity with appropriate choices of elective courses. More details on programs offered by the Mathematics and Computer Science Department can be found below or by clicking here.

Mathematics major programs include Liberal Arts and Mathematics Teaching (4-12). Mathematics minor programs include Liberal Arts, Secondary Education Mathematics (4-12) Teaching and Elementary Education. All major programs permit choices of courses appropriate to individual interests, which should be made in consultation with a Mathematics and Computer Science department advisor.

Preparation for Graduate Study

Students who intend to do graduate work in mathematics should include both MATH 440 Real Analysis and MATH 455 Abstract Algebra in their course selections when completing one of the major programs above. Students are strongly recommended to additionally take MATH 450 Topology and MATH 471 Introduction to Complex Variables.  Many graduate schools require the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Advanced Mathematics Test.

Actuarial Science

Students of Mathematics can find a rewarding career as an actuary in finance, insurance or any of a wide variety of industries requiring risk analysis and assessment. These courses are recommended:

MATH 240Calculus and Analytic Geometry I4.00
MATH 241Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4.00
MATH 242Calculus and Analytic Geometry III4.00
MATH 310Introduction to Abstract Mathematics3.00
MATH 370Probability3.00
MATH 371Statistics4.00
ECON 250Principles Of Microeconomics3.00
ECON 251Principles Of Macroeconomics3.00
FIN 320Principles Of Finance3.00
FIN 420Risk Management3.00
FIN 426Investments3.00
ACCT 200Financial Accounting3.00

In general, students should take a broad spectrum of courses in Accounting, Economics, Finance and Business, as well as Mathematics and Computer Science.

Internship and Professional Practice

Students who major in Mathematics have opportunities to receive academic credit for paid work related to their field of study by taking MATH 390 Mathematical Sciences Internship.