Academic Catalog

K-12 Education Certification/Licensure


The professional requirements for K-12 education certification/licensure students consist of courses in the Teacher Education programs, appropriate methods courses in the major and minor areas, and student teaching.  The first 22 credits listed below may be completed as the Instruction Minor, if desired, for students completing K-12 (not EC-A) teaching major/minors.

22-26 credits required, or as approved for the specific licensure program.

Professional Education Currently Required Courses
T ED 100Orientation to Teacher Education1.00
T ED 200Introduction to Education3.00
T ED 270Multicultural Education3.00
T ED 300Theories of Student Learning3.00
T ED 339Instructional and Assessment Strategies3.00
T ED 407The Middle School and Its Students3.00
ENGED 465Content Area Literacy3.00
T ED 394Principles and Practices of Inclusive Teaching3.00
Methods Courses in major and/or minor fields2.00-4.00
Student Teaching Residency Required Course
T ED 470Student Teaching Residency12.00
Total Hours36.00-38.00