Academic Catalog

Sustainable Management Major (Comprehensive)


63 total credits

Required Courses
SMGT 115Environmental Science and Sustainability3.00
SMGT 220Systems Thinking3.00
SMGT 230Triple Bottom Line Accounting for Managers3.00
SMGT 235Economics in Society and Sustainability3.00
SMGT 240Business Communication for Sustainable Management3.00
SMGT 250Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security3.00
SMGT 305Climate Change and Sustainability3.00
SMGT 310Ecology and Sustainability3.00
SMGT 320Renewable Energy for Sustainable Management3.00
SMGT 325Natural Resource Management3.00
SMGT 330Marketing for a Sustainable World3.00
SMGT 332Economics of Environmental Sustainability3.00
SMGT 335Management and Environmental Information Systems3.00
SMGT 340Organizational Behavior and Sustainability3.00
SMGT 360Environmental and Sustainability Policy3.00
SMGT 370Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability3.00
SMGT 410Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability3.00
SMGT 420The Built Environment and Sustainability3.00
SMGT 435International Development and Sustainability3.00
SMGT 460Environment and Society3.00
SMGT 494Sustainable Management Capstone Orientation0.00
SMGT 495Sustainable Management Capstone3.00
Total Hours63.00