Academic Catalog

Sustainable Management

Program (Comprehensive)

The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management is an interdisciplinary program that helps students gain a broad understanding of the ways in which business systems, natural systems, and social systems intersect. The curriculum includes courses in:

  • Sustainable agriculture and food security
  • Environmental science and policy
  • System thinking
  • Economics in sustainability
  • Climate change and sustainability
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability
  • Built environment and sustainability
  • Triple bottom line accounting
  • Natural resource management
  • Renewable energy
  • Logistics, supply chain management, and sustainability

With a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management, you will be qualified to help businesses and organizations develop sustainable practices for local, national, and global marketplaces while helping to preserve natural resources and build resilient communities.

The 21 courses (63 credits) in the bachelor's program provide understanding of the intersections among business, natural sciences, and social systems. Each course is three credits. There are no electives. The Capstone course is typically taken during the final semester.  Created for working adults, the program allows students to apply previously earned credits (or an associate's degree) toward the online Sustainable Management bachelor's degree. If you have completed the first two years of a bachelor's degree or if you have 60 credits of transferable coursework with a 2.0 minimum grade points average (GPA), you may apply directly to the program.  UW campus equivalents or other college/university equivalents may be substituted.  If you have less than 60 credits, it may be possible to satisfy the credit requirements concurrent with foundational courses in the program.  SMGT program admissions prerequisite coursework include:  college, math, introductory biology, statistics, and speech/introduction to communications. 

With a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management, a graduate can pursue positions as Sustainability specialist, Sustainability consultant, Energy and LEED analyst, Social compliance analyst, Zero-waste manager, Renewable energy analyst,  Solar operations surveyor, Sustainable design coordinator, Environmental analyst, and many more.

This major is offered through online study in collaboration with partner universities UW-Parkside, and UW-River Falls, with support from UW-Extended Campus. It is housed in the School of Business and Economics, and supported by the Online Learning.

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