Academic Catalog

Study Away Programs

Study Away is experiential learning at its best! Time spent learning abroad or domestically at another university will open a window to the world that broadens students' international and intercultural awareness. To function effectively in the increasingly global economy, students need to acquire new perspectives, knowledge and skills to succeed. Study Away brings a fresh perspective to career choice and human relationships. Each student returns home a changed person able to see the world through new lenses.

UW-Superior offers numerous short-term and semester/academic year opportunities for students to study in other countries or domestically through the National Student Exchange while receiving course credit at UW-Superior. Information about Study Away programs is available from here.

All credits earned through any Study Away program are listed on the official UW-Superior transcript and are used to calculate UW-Superior cumulative GPA.

Financial Aid for Study Away

In nearly all cases, students' financial aid eligibility will transfer for study abroad, and they may be eligible for additional funding through grants, scholarships, and loans. Our staff provides coaching in applying for scholarships such as the Benjamin Gilman.

Faculty Led Programs

Short-term programs led by faculty members are offered to a variety of destinations, and new programs are developed on a regular basis. These programs which travel in J-term or summer typically range from 3 to 9 credits and include a pre-course during the semester before departure. Requirements and program fees vary so please check with the program staff at for more information.

Study Abroad Programs

UW-Superior offers a wide variety of study abroad programming around the world. Some programs are classified as exchange, meaning students pay UW-Superior tuition in addition to certain associated costs. Other programs are offered by a provider, meaning students pay a program fee which covers a range of costs, including tuition, room and board, insurance, and/or program activities.

In addition to programs sponsored by UW-Superior, UW-Superior students can participate in programs offered by sister institutions within the University of Wisconsin System.

National Student Exchange

Spread your wings and fly away on The National Student Exchange, a consortium of over 180 universities in the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada!

The NSE Program has been compared to a domestic study abroad program. Instead of crossing oceans, NSE students cross state, regional, provincial, and cultural borders to take courses not available on their home campuses, expand their academic program options, reside in a different region, be exposed to diverse cultural settings, seek out graduate and professional schools, and explore career options. The changes seen in student attitudes, understanding of other people in other settings, maturity, risk-taking, and decision-making are similar to the experiences of students who study internationally.

NSE is an unbelievable bargain! Our campus participates under Home Pay in which a participating student pays tuition and fees at UW-Superior just as if he or she were here, but all housing, meals, and other costs are paid at the host university. Most scholarships and financial aid will apply as usual.