Academic Catalog

First Year Seminar Courses

Program Goal - to integrate students into a community of higher order learners by engaging their interest and imagination. Each seminar will advance the Program Goal through the following student Learning Goals.

Students will be more disposed to:

  • value learning in its own right and see themselves as having the ability and right to invest themselves in this learning;
  • pursue learning collaboratively, both in formal academic settings and elsewhere;
  • actively question previous knowledge and examine new ideas and multiple perspectives.

First Year Seminars are encouraged for all entering first year students. These small seminars of 15 first year students are specially chosen each year to offer a broad array of topics that are either unusual in their focus or in their approach to the topic. Each is designed to challenge and inspire while supporting students in their transition to this campus, its Liberal Arts focus, and its resources for and expectations of students. Each seminar meets a University Studies or Core requirement. It should be taken during the first semester on campus and must be taken before sophomore registration.