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Master of Science - Instruction -- Goals, Admission & Degree Requirements

The M.S.E.-Instruction provides interested graduate students a pathway to completion of a MSE. The program deepens an educator's understanding of the teaching-learning dynamic and curricular planning. This degree does not lead to licensure as a teacher, but is for those seeking professional development or hoping to advance in their present field with the assistance of a MSE. The MSE-Instruction is offered only online in seven-week-long intensive courses.

Master's of Science in Education - Instruction

The M.S.E.-Instruction is based on the needs of the professional educator. The first of these needs deals with the nature of the profession. This area includes an in-depth understanding of the theoretical bases of education and the research that supports these theoretical bases. A second major area contributes to a thorough understanding of the processes and practices of learning and assessment of learning. Since there are no major fields of study that remain static, a third major component consists of strengthening and updating individual pedagogical and content areas. This degree program does not lead to any type of teacher licensure.


To provide those holding baccalaureate degrees, the opportunity:

  1. To strengthen their knowledge in the area of contemporary instructional practice.
  2. To strengthen competencies in their individual fields.
  3. To develop instructional and curriculum development leadership abilities in their school systems.
  4. To develop a substantial knowledge of contemporary research methodologies on effective practices and apply that research in appropriate ways.

Admissions Requirement

Admission to the M.S.E.-Instruction degree program will be limited to people who hold a baccalaureate degree. Applicants must meet requirements for admission to Graduate Studies: A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, transcripts indicating a GPA of 2.75 or better, an academic and professional purpose statement for graduate studies, and a professional resume. A student may not apply more than 9 semester hours of graduate work taken prior to admission to the M.S.E.-Instruction toward the completion of this degree. Upon admission to the M.S.E.-Instruction Program the student will be assigned a program advisor in the MSE-I Program. Together, the student and advisor will develop a plan of study for the completion of the degree.

Degree Requirements

The M.S.E.-Instruction program is designed to emphasize professional development within the pedagogical aspects of teaching, balanced by individualized electives to emphasize greater competence in a particular area, whether in the classroom or the community. In addition, it addresses the application of the elements of instruction, the use of technology and materials, an understanding of the development of curriculum and assessment, and purposeful research within the classroom context.

Course Offerings

Consult the Course Descriptions section of this catalog. 

Master of Science in Education - Instruction

30 total credits

Required Coursework
T ED 734Current Developments in Student Learning and Their Applications3.00
T ED 741Using Educational Assessment to Inform Practice3.00
T ED 744Trends in Curricular and Instructional Practices3.00
T ED 750Foundations of Action Research3.00
T ED 752Action Research Project3.00
Elective Courses
T ED 716Interactive and Accessible Learning in Alternative Delivery3.00
T ED 717School Partnerships with Families and Communities3.00
T ED 718Teachers as Leaders3.00
T ED 728Diversity Exploration in a K-12 Setting3.00
T ED 754School Law for Classroom Teachers3.00
Total Hours30.00

Elective Required Courses

Electives could reflect the student's teaching field or be within an area of instruction and/or learning that will enhance the student's teaching. The specific plan will be developed with the advice and approval of the student's program advisor or a faculty consultant from the selected field.  Students are encouraged to pick the other 15 credits from graduate online elective courses or courses in the graduate Special Education Program.