Academic Catalog

Writing Major


30 total credits: 15 must be 300+ level

WRIT 250Introduction to Creative Writing3.00
WRIT 303Introduction to Rhetoric3.00
Writing in Genres
Select two of the following:6.00
Advanced Creative Writing: Nonfiction
Nature Writing
Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction
Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry
Advanced Creative Writing: Cross-genre
Writing and Rhetoric
Select six credits of the following:6.00
English Grammar
Grant Writing
Technical Writing
Advanced Rhetoric: Theory and Practice
Digital Writing
Language, Narrative and Unconscious Bias
Special Topics in Rhetoric
Writing and Well-being
Senior Year Experience
Select one of the following:3.00
The Writer's Portfolio
Writing Internship 1
Select nine credits of the following: 29.00
Contemporary Topics in Writing
The Literary Magazine
Special Topics in Writing
Six elective credits may be selected from the following:
Language, Power, and Identity
News Writing and Reporting
Digital Storytelling and Social Media
Writing for Stage and Screen
Methods of Legal Research and Writing
Computer Applications for Productivity
American Indian Literature
Any 300+ ENGL course
Total Hours30.00

Must be 3 credits if taken to fulfill the Senior Year Experience.


Any WRIT course taken beyond satisfaction of a requirement can be counted as an elective.

15 credits must be taken in courses at the 300 or 400 level.

The Writing Major is offered as a Bachelor of Arts degree only.  Students seeking the B.A. in Writing must complete 6 credits in a world language as determined by the Writing Program.

All majors must complete one Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) project and one course infused with Center for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (URSCA).  These High-Impact Practices are in required courses in the major.