Academic Catalog

Spanish Teacher Certification (Ages 10-21, Grades K-12) Minor


Notice: Due to pending licensure program approvals by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instructor (DPI), program requirements are subject to change for students entering in the 2021-2022 academic year.  Students affected by any approved changes which occur in the 2021-2022 catalog will be formally notified by the UW-Superior Educator Preparation Program.  

24 total credits

Spanish Required Courses 1
SPAN 101Beginning Spanish I3.00
SPAN 102Beginning Spanish II3.00
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I3.00
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II3.00
Teacher Education Required Course
WLLED 339Methods of Teaching World Languages3.00
Spanish Elective Courses
Select nine credits of the following:9.00
Advanced Spanish
Latin American Culture and Civilization
Voices of Hispanic Women
Latino Culture in the U.S.
Special Topics in Literature and Culture
Study Abroad
Independent Study
Total Hours24.00

Any or all of the above courses can be reduced or eliminated by making a grade of B- or better in the next higher course. For example, a student who completes a 300 level Spanish course with a grade of B- or better will receive retro-credits to his or her transcript for SPAN 101 Beginning Spanish I, SPAN 102 Beginning Spanish II, SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I, and SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II for a total of 12 retro-credits in Spanish.


To be certified, a Spanish Teacher Certification Minor must pass Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction certification requirements. To reach the mandated level of language competence, all Spanish Teacher Certification Minors will be required to spend time in study abroad usually at UW-Superior's cooperating institution in Costa Rica (or to participate in an alternative 30-day immersion experience).

A student should complete SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II and usually at least one 300-level Spanish course at UW-Superior before participating in Spanish Study Abroad.