Academic Catalog

Global Studies Minor


Students must take a minimum of 21 Credits to obtain a Global Studies Minor. Below are the requisite categories and courses that students should complete.

Select one of the following:3.00
Introduction to Intercultural Communication
World Regional Geography
The Making of the Modern Global System
Global Social Problems
Cross-Cultural Experience
Select at least six credits of the following:6.00
Study Away
World Languages 1
Internship 2
Global Studies Areas of Focus
Select a minimum of three credits in each area of focus and a maximum of six credits from one academic discipline:12.00
Global Trade and Commerce
International Business
Economics in Society
International Economics
Economic Geography
International Development and Sustainability
International and Intermodal Transportation Management
Race, Culture, and Identity
Visual Arts in Non-Western Societies
Multi-Ethnic American Literature
World Literature I
World Literature II
Multi-Ethnic American Novels
Postcolonial Literature
Race and Ethnicity
Global Peace, Security, and Services
Cultures of Mesoamerica
Advanced Intercultural Communication
Advanced Topics in Human/Environment Interaction
Nationalism and Nationalist Movements
Comparative Law and Courts
Theories of War and Peace
Paths to Peace
Theories of Human Rights
Interrogating the Vietnam War: A History of Modern Vietnam (1885-1975)
Capstone 3
WLLC 491Global Studies Capstone Experience0.00
Total Hours21.00

World Language Requirement: 6 credits in one world language. International Students: must study another world language (no credits for prior learning for a native speaker), study away or internship.


Internships are to be approved by the program coordinator and are based on the minor’s areas of focus: (i) Global Trade and Commerce; (ii) Race, Culture, and Identity; (iii) Global Peace, Security, and Services.


Each student will complete a 0-credit capstone “short paper” and “exit interview,” assessing their experience with the minor: how the minor enhanced their global understanding; what connections were made from the courses taken in the different categories; how the minor will contribute to their career goals.