Academic Catalog

Aerospace Studies, Minor


32 to 37 total credits

The aerospace studies minor provides preparation in areas studied by most officers early in their service careers. The minor increases future officers' performance potential in two areas in which all officers must eventually develop competence: communication skills and international affairs.

Lower Division Aerospace Required Courses
AIRS 101Heritage and Values1.00
AIRS 102Heritage and Values1.00
AIRS 201Team and Leadership Fundamentals1.00
AIRS 202Team and Leadership Fundamentals1.00
Select four AFROTC GMC Leadership Laboratory courses 10.00
Communication Required Course
COMM 110Introduction to Communication3.00
or COMM 211 Interpersonal Communication
Mathematics Required Course
Any MATH course numbered 100 or 200 level3.00
Upper Division Aerospace Required Courses
AIRS 301Leading People and Effective Communication/Air Force Leadership Studies3.00
AIRS 302Leading People and Effective Communication/Air Force Leadership Studies3.00
AIRS 401National Security Studies/Leadership Responsibilities/Commissioning Preparation3.00
AIRS 402Leadership Responsibilities3.00
Select four AFROTC POC Leadership Laboratory courses 24.00-6.00
Advanced Writing Required Course
Select one of the following:3.00
Advanced Creative Writing: Nonfiction
English Grammar
Nature Writing
Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction
Advanced Rhetoric: Theory and Practice
Elective Courses
Any POLS course numbered 300 or higher any HIST course numbered 200 to 399 33.00-4.00
Total Hours32.00-35.00

AIRS 111 AFROTC GMC Leadership Laboratory - AIRS 212 AFROTC GMC Leadership Laboratory


AIRS 311 AFROTC POC Leadership Laboratory - AIRS 412 AFROTC POC Leadership Laboratory


The history and political science courses must be approved by the Aerospace Minor Coordinator.