Academic Catalog

Music: Bachelor of Music in Performance: Keyboard

The Bachelor of Music in Performance degree is intended for highly qualified students who are capable of pursuing advanced studies beyond a baccalaureate degree and/or a professional career in music. Enrollment is contingent upon a special performance jury that occurs no earlier than the end of the first semester of study. This special performance jury must also be passed for a student transferring into the Bachelor of Music degree program from another degree program or from another institution. The Bachelor of Music in Performance degree is comprehensive, meaning that a minor is not required.

120 total credits required (including University Studies courses)

Music Required Courses
MUSI 161Music and World Culture3.00
MUSI 171Ear Training I1.00
MUSI 172Ear Training II1.00
MUSI 173Theory I3.00
MUSI 174Theory II3.00
MUSI 271Ear Training III1.00
MUSI 272Ear Training IV1.00
MUSI 273Theory III3.00
MUSI 274Theory IV3.00
MUSI 362Music History I3.00
MUSI 363Music History II3.00
MUSI 200Music Technology1.00
MUSI 380Conducting I2.00
MUSI 390Conducting II1.00
Applied Music: Major Instrument (Piano or Organ) 124.00-30.00
Applied Music: Secondary Instrument (Organ or Piano)
Select two credits of the following:2.00
Applied Music-Piano (two semesters at 1 credit each)
Applied Music-Organ
Large Ensemble
Select six credits of the following:6.00
Chorale (must enroll every semester in the program)
Symphonic Band (must enroll every semester in the program)
University Orchestra (must enroll every semester in the program)
Small Ensemble
MUSI 113/313Chamber Ensemble1.00
MUSI 150Concert/Recital Class (must pass eight semesters and must enroll every semester in the program)0.00
MUSI 395Half Recital1.00
MUSI 495Full Recital2.00
MUSI 391Collaborative Keyboard (two semesters at 1 credit each)2.00
MUSI 387Keyboard Pedagogy2.00
MUSI 394Piano Technology1.00
Piano Performance Only
MUSI 153Piano Repertory I1.00
MUSI 253Piano Repertory II1.00
MUSI 353Piano Repertory III1.00
Organ Performance Only
MUSI 354Organ Repertory1.00
Total Hours74.00-80.00

4 credits per semester upon acceptance as performance major; 16 credits must be at the 400 level and must enroll every semester in program