Academic Catalog

Health and Wellness Management Major


61 total credits

Required Courses
HWM 300Introduction to Human Health3.00
HWM 305The Wellness Profession3.00
HWM 310Changes Across the Life Span3.00
HWM 315Workplace Wellness Program Management3.00
HWM 320Health and Medical Terminology3.00
HWM 325Health Literacy3.00
HWM 335Worksite Health Environment3.00
HWM 345Physical Activity and Nutrition for Wellness Managers3.00
HWM 350Research Statistics for Wellness Managers3.00
HWM 360Stress and Dependencies and Addictions3.00
HWM 370Understand and Effecting Health Behavior Change3.00
HWM 385Marketing and Communication for Wellness Managers3.00
HWM 405Survey of Information Technology in Wellness3.00
HWM 430Population Health for Wellness Managers3.00
HWM 460Leadership and Change Management in Health3.00
HWM 470Assessment and Evaluation for Wellness Managers3.00
HWM 480Health Benefits for Wellness Managers3.00
HWM 485Health Coaching for Wellness Managers3.00
HWM 493Health and Wellness Management Fieldwork Prep1.00
HWM 494Health and Wellness Management Fieldwork3.00
HWM 496Health and Wellness Management Capstone3.00
Total Hours61.00