Academic Catalog

Teaching, Associate of Science


The following 60 credits represent the courses to be completed in alignment with UW-System guidelines for associate degrees.  A minimum cumulative GPA (based upon calculation of UW-Superior's Honors GPA) of 2.75 is required for admission into the Teacher Education Program at UWS.

A minimum grade of C is required for all TED/MTHED courses with the exception of T ED 100 Orientation to Teacher Education and T ED 200 Introduction to Education.  A minimum grade of B is required for T ED 200 Introduction to Education and a PASS is required for T ED 100 Orientation to Teacher EducationT ED 100 Orientation to Teacher Education and T ED 200 Introduction to Education should be taken concurrently and during the semester in which 40 collegiate credits will be reached.

Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Natural World
BIOL 170Biological Inquiry for Teachers2.00
PHYS 160Physical Science4.00
GEOL 170Earth Science for Teachers2.00
MATH 112Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics3.00
Humanities/Social Science3.00
Critical and Creative Thinking
WRIT 209Introduction to Professional Writing3.00
Humanities/Social Science3.00
Effective Communication
WRIT 102Introduction to Academic Writing3.00
COMM 110Introduction to Communication3.00
Intercultural Knowledge and Competence
Humanities/World Languages, Culture, and Philosophy3.00
Individual, Social, and Environmental Responsibility
HHP 102Health and Wellness3.00
T ED 270Multicultural Education3.00
Core Requirements
T ED 100Orientation to Teacher Education1.00
T ED 200Introduction to Education3.00
T ED 253Human Development3.00
MTHED 250Essentials of Mathematics for Elementary Teachers3.00
Fine and Applied Arts/Art History, Criticism and Appreciation3.00
Fine and Applied Arts/Aesthetic Experience3.00
POLS 230U.S. National, State and Local Government3.00
or POLS 180 Public Education Politics and Policy
Total Hours60.00