Academic Catalog

Liberal Arts, Associate of Science


The A.A. in Liberal Arts Degree consists of the University Studies Requirements plus 18 additional credits.

60 credits total

View the Associate of Arts Degree requirements.

Overall Associate Degree Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 60 credit hours (numbered 100 or above); at least 24 credits must be earned at UW-Superior.
  2. Earn a resident UW-Superior cumulative grade point average of 2.00 on a 4.0 grading system.
  3. The last 12 credits of the degree must be earned at UW-Superior or approved UW-Superior program.
  4. Completion of the categories of requirements listed below:
  5. Complete the Diversity and Global Awareness requirements.
  6. Submit an electronic application for graduation via E-Hive.
  7. Degrees are not posted to transcripts with outstanding incomplete or In-Progress grades.
  8. Students may not use more than one catalog; students may not satisfy the University Studies requirements from one catalog, while satisfying the major requirements of another catalog.
  9. Degrees are posted in the term in which a graduation application is submitted for the respective degree.
  10. Degrees are not posted when a student has been academically suspended.

University Studies Courses (33-38 credits)

Required Courses

Core Requirements
WRIT 102Introduction to Academic Writing (C- or better)3.00
WRIT 209Introduction to Professional Writing (C- or better)3.00
COMM 110Introduction to Communication3.00
Select one of the following math courses3.00
Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics
Algebra with Applications
Elementary Statistics
Calculus for Business, Life, and Social Sciences
Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
Introduction to Computer Science
HHP 102Foundational for Wellness and Success3.00
Knowledge Categories18.00-21.00
Humanities - 3 credits (select from any of the following categories: History; Literature; World Language or Culuture; and Philosophy)
Fine and Applied Arts - 3 credits (select from any of the following catgories: Art History, Criticism, and Appreciation or Aesthetic Experience)
Natural & Physical Science - 6 credits (select 2 credits from one Environmental Science course and 4 credits from one Lab Science course)
Social Sciences - 6 credits (select 3 credits, each, from any two disciplines in the category)
Corequisites - 0-3 credits (select one Diversity course or one Global Awareness course; courses completed for a Knowledge category may also meet this requirement)
Total Hours33.00-36.00

Additional Requirements (18 credits)

An additional 18 credits from the following areas (students can select courses from across different disciplines)

  • Natural Sciences or Mathematics/Computer Science:  18 credits from any course in Biology (BIO), Chemistry (CHEM), Environmental Science (ENSC), Geology (GEOL), Physics (PHYS), Mathematics (MATH), Computer Science (CSCI) or Geographic Information System (GIS-oriented) Geography (GEOG) courses (GEOG 241, GEOG 343, or GEOG 442).
  • Social Sciences:  18 credits from any course in Anthropology (ANTH), Criminal Justice (CJUS), Economics (ECON), Gender Studies (GST), Indigenous Studies (INDG), Legal Studies (LSTU), Political Science (POLS), Psychology (PSYC), Sociology (SOCI).