Academic Catalog

Special Education (SPED)

SPED 704  Assessment of Learners with Exceptionalities  3.00  
This course addresses the study of measurement theory and basic statistics needed for understanding assessment for the purposes of eligibility for services within special education, also focuses on general test construction, appropriate instrument selection with awareness of limitations, multicultural, and ethical considerations. Assessment interpretation and IEP preparation is examined in depth. Students experience the administration, interpretation and reporting of a select sample of assessment tools
SPED 750  The Exceptional Learner  3.00  
Students research the federal disability categories, including federal, state, local laws and policies on education for students with disabilities. Historical perspectives, legislation and litigation provide background for discussion of current models, theories and philosophies of special education today. Students complete an analysis related to current legislation, regulations, policies and/or ethical issues surrounding educational services for students with exceptionalities. The focus of this class will be through the legal lens focusing on current laws, policies, and practices in the field.
SPED 755  Reading-Issues & Interventions  3.00  
This course investigates the various aspects of reading challenges, (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension and fluency), so that educators can provide effective reading instruction to readers of various abilities. Strategies for diagnosis and remediation of reading difficulties at the elementary and secondary levels will be considered. A pre-student teaching clinical experience with elementary student(s) who struggle in reading will be required.
SPED 758  Methods of Adaptive Instruction  3.00  
Students observe, research and reflect upon methods, strategies, and materials for adapting curricula and instruction to meet the learning needs of students with mild to severe disabilities. This course emphasizes methods to evaluate students' academic and social needs, research and design appropriate curricula and make modifications and accommodations. Students will differentiate curriculum and instruction using high-impact teaching strategies. Students modify an existing curricular element and implement the modification.
SPED 760  Behavior Analysis and Intervention  3.00  
Students research and discuss behavioral assessment theories, strategies and programs, functional behavior, positive behavior interventions and strategies, and behavior intervention plans. Students collect data to create and implement a behavior intervention plan. This course emphasizes the application of theory to the academic and behavioral development of school-age children, especially those with exceptional educational needs. Students practice communicating those applications and principles with families, teachers and other community stakeholders.
SPED 764  Mathematics Assessment and Strategies  3.00  
This course assessment procedures and teaching strategies appropriate to providing instruction to students having difficulty learning mathematics. This course has an emphasis on differentiating and adapting existing curriculum to assist all students in reaching the goals of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
SPED 769  Assistive Technology and Transition: From School to Community  3.00  
This course promotes working with families and community agencies. Facilitating and planning meetings with families will be an emphasis as well as establishing partnerships with community agencies that serve the needs of families with students who have disabilities. In addition, there will be concentration on transitions skills, through each level of schooling, including to postsecondary options.
SPED 772  Collaboration and Consultation in Special Education  3.00  
This course focuses on learning and reflecting upon the skills and dispositions necessary for managing a special education classroom and/or case load. This course includes curriculum design and evaluation, collaboration with multiple stakeholders, time management, assistive technology and universal design.
SPED 775  Special Education Directed Student Teaching  1.00-1.50  
Students participate in field-based experience at the K-7 and 8-12 grade levels, teaching students who have severe to mild exceptional educational needs in the areas of specific learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and emotional behavioral disabilities. A student seminar meets online for study and discussion. Students complete a professional Special Educator E-portfolio.
SPED 776  Special Education Directed Student Teaching  1.00-1.50  
Field-based experience in teaching students who have severe to mild exceptional educational needs in the areas of learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and emotional behavioral disabilities. Students may choose one or more concentrations from the above listed disability areas. A student seminar meets regularly for study and discussion. Student complete and present a professional Special Educator portfolio.
SPED 777  Special Education Directed Student Teaching  1.00  
Field-based experience in teaching students who have severe to mild exceptional educational needs in the areas of learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and emotional behavioral disabilities. Students in the initial licensure program must complete a full semester, full days in the special education classroom according to their school district's placement and calendar. Prerequisite for this course includes passing SPED 775 and SPED 776.
SPED 780  Foundations of Action Research  3.00  
This course emphasizes research methodology and topics specific to the field of education. Students develop an action research project surrounding an issue of educational issues in a classroom, program or site through a single subject design (in quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods). The focus is on creating an action research proposal and plan that addresses existing research and current needs. This course is cross-listed with T ED 750..
SPED 781  Independent Study  1.00-4.00  
This course is a uniquely designed study arranged with a particular instructor which allows the graduate student to pursue specific areas of need or interest. Approval of the topic and plan of study is required before enrollment.
SPED 784  Action Research Project  3.00  
This course includes the implementation of an action research project through data collection, data analysis, and evaluation of a plan of action. The completed project is written and presented to constituents (staff, faculty, students and/or site). This course is cross-listed with T ED 752.
    Prerequisite for taking this course is SPED 780