Academic Catalog


UW-Superior is committed to assessing student learning for accreditation compliance and continuing improvement of teaching and learning. Assessment is based on three Student Learning Goals established in 2014:

  1. Communication
  2. Individual and Social Responsibility
  3. Creative and Critical Thinking

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The University engages in several best practices for assessment, including:
outcomes-based learning, direct assessment of student work by faculty/staff, and the participation of faculty and staff. All faculty and staff participate in the assessment of student learning in three educational contexts:

  1. Academic Program (majors and minors)
  2. University Studies
  3. Co-Curricular Units such as Student Affairs

Academic Program Assessment

Assessment of student learning takes place annually in each academic department/program. Faculty and instructional staff are themselves responsible for assessing their students' learning, analyzing the results, and making changes to the curriculum if deemed necessary. Academic programs may simultaneously assess a UW-Superior Student Learning Goal and a specialized program goal. Mainly, assessment in academic programs occurs during students' Senior Capstones.

University Studies Assessment

The University Studies curriculum also delivers the Student Learning Goals, and the categories within the program are assessed annually by the instructors who teach in the relevant category. The University Studies committee also approves and reviews course materials to ensure they meet the criteria for inclusion and participation in assessment.

Co-Curricular Assessment

Campus-wide, various units support student learning outside of the classroom, through student employment, programming, and events. These units also deliver the Student Learning Goals and have begun using surveys to understand their impact on students' learning.