Academic Catalog

Engineering (ENGR)

ENGR 203  Engineering Modeling & Design  3.00  
An introduction to design tools and practices associated with the design and development of engineering systems. Students will gain experience with solid modeling tools, including part modeling, assembly modeling and the reading and creation of layout drawings. Concurrently, the course will discuss the design process as students work through a semester long project. Each team will work on a specific component of a larger industry or community-based project. Work by smaller teams requires coordination, and communication. This course provides experience with collaboration, leadership, and project management. In addition, this course helps the next generation of engineers by supporting an entrepreneurial mindset which is essential to succeed in today’s rapidly changing and highly complex world. Components: Laboratory, Class
ENGR 213  Engineering Mechanics-Statics  3.00  
Composition, resolution and equilibrium of forces and force systems; analysis of structures; friction; centroids; moment of inertia.
ENGR 223  Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics  3.00  
Kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies in translation; rotation and general plane motion; Newton's law, work-energy and impulse methods; linear and angular momentum; impacts; systems of particles and introduction to 3-D kinetics.
ENGR 282  Engineering Economy  2.00  
Application of principles of economic analysis to engineering decision making; time value of money; uniform annual cost; present worth; rate of return; benefit-cost ratio; depreciation; income taxes; inflation.
    Sophomore Standing